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Books on Elizabeth I
Queen's Own fool
Behind the Mask: The Life of Queen Elizabeth I
by Jane Resh Thomas

My editor sent me this book and I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the fact that it balances Elizabeth's political motivations with her personal life. There is an interesting chapter contrasting the personalities of Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth. Children doing biographies can also get a thourough understanding of the life and times of Elizabethans.

Here is School Library's description:

Thomas re-creates the historical and social context in which Elizabeth ruled by examining the relationships between other countries in Europe and the role of the Catholic Church. Finally, the personal side of the queen is explored and her relationships are examined. Black-and-white photographs and reproductions and seven full-color portraits add to the presentation. An obvious choice for a biography assignment, this book should also be recommended to anyone looking for an interesting read.
Carol Fazioli, The Brearley School, New York City, NY

Know of a good Elizabeth I book for kids? Email me and I will add it.


Elizabeth I: A big flirt

Did Queen Elizabeth have any love interests?

Elizabeth is known as the Virgin Queen because she chose not to marry. But don’t think she never got any offers. She was beautiful. She was witty. She could flirt in eight languages (Greek, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Flemish, Welsh, and, of course, English). This sassy, vibrant redhead was a real heartbreaker. Read more about Elizabeth and her palace romps>>
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