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Books on Louis XIV

The King's Day: Louis XIV of France
by Aliki

This book focuses on the elaborate ceremonies that Louis made popular and his extravagant lifestyle. The pictures are gorgeous. I like the fact that it didn't shy away from tactfully portraying Louis's mistresses and the offspring that resulted from them. (omitting this part of Louis's story would be a disservice to showing the culture of the french court). In an age of hollywood excess, the king's court life should interest both young readers and adults.

Here is School Library's description:

"Grade 2-5-- As she did in A Medieval Feast (Crowell, 1983), Aliki draws upon prints and pictures from art history and incorporates facts about real people and places to introduce young people to a high period of Western history. In this case the "moment" she recreates is a day at the royal court of Versailles. Pictures of Louis XIV and his court are framed by a narrow gold border; many of the illustrations have inscriptions underneath in the manner of 17th-century engravings. The text, in bolder print, adds facts and explanations to the descriptive pictures. Color is the most striking element in Aliki's drawings. The richness of the king's costumes, his wigs, lace, red stockings, and high- heeled shoes are echoed by the attire of his courtiers. The pictures vary in size and placement, leading readers' eyes through the events of the king's day, from the royal rising ritual to the final ceremonial "coucher" or going-to-bed. The spectacular size of the palace of Versailles and the crowded events of court life, all centering on the elaborately costumed figure of Louis XIV, capture the spirit of absolute monarchy in a form that will surely appeal to curious children in this age of democracy and the common man."

Know of a good Louis XIV book for kids? Email me and I will add it.


Louis XIV: Petite

Le Petite King

Louis XIV towered over his subjects at an amazing six feet, ten inches. Unfortunately, he was only five feet, four inches when naked. To compensate for his short stature, he wore a twelve-inch-high wig and six-inch red heels. But this was one look that no one could copy. Louis decreed that only the king could wear red heels. Read more about Louis XIV>>
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