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Books on Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria-France, 1769 (The Royal Diaries) (Hardcover)
by Kathryn Lasky

Peter the GreatI have read a few of the Royal Diaries series and this one is by far my favorite. It's rare that a historical fiction is both entertaining and accurate. And it is definitely more sympathetic to Marie (which should counter Sophia Coppola's version of the Marie who does nothing but eat macaroons and buy shoes).

Here is School Library's description:

" Grade 5-8-Lasky takes historical fact and weaves it into a sympathetic account of an adolescent Marie Antoinette. Antonia's diary begins shortly before her politically arranged betrothal and marriage to Louis Auguste, Dauphin of France. It describes her struggles with strange new customs, in particular the elaborate French Court etiquette. The descriptions of Versailles and palace life hold true to fact and fit well into the diary of the Dauphine experiencing her new country. The diary also does a believable job of taking Marie Antoinette from a girl of 13 to a young woman of 15. Antonia goes from playing childhood games to become Marie Antoinette, future queen, playing political games with Madame du Barry. At the conclusion of the novel, an epilogue continues the story to its historical completion. Notes and a family tree are useful for readers who know little of 18th-century royalty and politics. This will be a popular addition for readers who favor the diary format in historical fiction. An excellent companion to this series is Milton Meltzer's Ten Queens (Dutton, 1998).
Carolyn Janssen, Rockford Public Library, IL "

Know of a good Marie Antoinette book for kids? Email me and I will add it.



The angry fishwives

Marie was nicknamed Madame Deficit and at one point had an angry crowd of fishwives try to rip her to shreds. You didn’t want to mess with the fishwives. They screamed loudly, smelled like eel, and were strong enough to hack up fish. Read more about Marie Antoinette

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