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Royal Books - Ages 9+

Books on Catherine the great

Catherine The Great: And The Enlightenment In Russia
by Nancy Whitelaw

Napoleon: The Story of the Little CorporalReview coming soon...

Here is Booklist's description:

" Gr. 8-12. Catherine the Great's extraordinarily dramatic life is the stuff of both Shakespeare and soap operas, and Whitelaw does her subject justice in this detailed, highly readable entry in the European Queens series. Whitelaw follows Catherine from her youth as a struggling German princess to Russia, where at 16 she wed the profoundly unimpressive Grand Duke Peter, whom she embraced as a means to the throne: "She was marrying Russia, not this obnoxious teenager." In language both straightforward and compelling, Whitelaw describes the formidable czarina's reign, her love affairs, her vast cultural influence, and the political treachery that surrounded her court. Only the well-chosen, direct quotes (including some from Catherine's own memoirs) are included in the source notes, but this fascinating overview is still a captivating resource for reports, and intriguing reading for students interested in royal histories. A mix of portraits, engravings, and other archival imagery brings the players and their times to life. A bibliography and suggested Web sites conclude. Gillian Engberg
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved "

Know of a good Catherine the Great book for kids? Email me and I will add it.


Catherine the Great

Catherine the General

In the painting above Catherine is seen in a general's costume riding astride instead of the more lady-like side saddle. This would be as scandalous as leaving your house without underwear today. Read more about Catherine the Great>>

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