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Books on Peter the great

Peter the Great and Tsarist Russia
by Miriam Greenblatt.

This is another great book for biography assignments. The writing is very easy to understand and keeps the reader interested. I especially enjoyed the letters written by Russian people.

Here is the card catalog description:

" Explains the role of Peter the Great in taking Russia into the modern world; describes the everyday life of the people; and includes poems, plays, and letters written by Russians about themselves. "

Peter the Great
by Diane Stanle

Peter the GreatI have not read this book yet.

Here is Amazon's description:

"Peter the Great, crowned tsar of Russia at the age of ten, believed that whatever he wanted he should have -- and the sooner the better. What he wanted most was to bring his beloved country into the modem world. He traveled to the West to learn European ways -- the first tsar ever to leave Russia -- disguised as a common soldier.

He explored the West with excitement and curiosity and returned home ready to undertake a series of momentous social reforms. And to satisfy his boyhood dream of a Russian naval port, he began to build, on a freezing swamp, a glittering new capital to be named St. Petersburg.

In this welcome reissue of Diane Stanley's acclaimed picturebook biography, her meticulously researched text and sumptuous illustrations capture the fabulous world of seventeenth -- and eighteenth-century tsarist Russia and the greatness of its larger-than-life leader -- a man of huge stature and tremendous spirit whose impatience and vision, insatiable curiosity and boundless energy transformed half a continent"

Know of a good Peter the Great book for kids? Email me and I will add it.


Peter the Barber

Peter the Barber

Peter hated beards so much that he would rip a beard out by the roots if he caught anyone wearing one. He thought mustaches were much more civilized.

Peter the Dentist
Peter the Dentist

You would never want to complain about a toothache around Peter. Dr. Pete was great at ripping out teeth, but he didn’t really care if it hurt or not. Read more about Peter the Great
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