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Royal Books - Ages 9+

The Raucous Royals gives a glimpse into the lives of 13 royal rulers. But there is far more gossip and rumors to uncover surrounding each of these intriguing characters. To dig deeper, click on the nav to the left to find book recommendations on specific royals.
Books on Royalty
The Lives of Extraordinary Women The Lives of Extraordinary Women
by Kathleen Krull
Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt

When it comes to breaking biographies down to the most fascinating tidbits, Kathleen Krull is the queen. Although this book is not just about royalty, there are several royal characters covered including Cleopatra, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella I, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette and Victoria. Throughout the main biographies Krull weaves in juicy bits of trivia and gossip showing both the cruel and kind side to every ruler, but always ending in a respectful, nonjudgmental tone. Both adults and kids will enjoy learning about Elizabeth I's temper during card games or Eleanor of Aquitaine's mock courts of love or the lavish courts of Cleopatra's reign. The Lives series are the perfect books for the reluctant history lover.

Dracula Ten Queens: Portraits of Women of Power
by Milton Meltzer
Illustrated by Bethanne Andersen

Although less playful than Krull's interpretation of Royal Queens, Meltzer's well-researched portrayal of some powerful women in history is the perfect book for readers looking for a book that sticks to the facts and covers just the right amount of detail to keep the reader interested.

This is a must-have book for the illustrations. You will want to tear them out and frame each poetic and beautifully rendered image in washes of loose paint and striking texture. Check out another beautiful book by Bethanne Andersen - Seven Brave Women

Legends of Dracula Ten Kings: And the World They Ruled
by Milton Meltzer
Illustrated by Bethanne Andersen

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Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler

Dinner with Vlad was no picnic. Read the true story of Dracula and how he got the name, Vlad the Impaler.

Order of the Dragon
Order of the Dragon
The Order of the Dragon was the knightly order who made it their mission to defend the cross and drive out the Turks. The order was represented by a winged dragon with a curled tail that sometimes held a cross. Vlad's father, (Vlad II) was a member of this order and used the above symbol on his coinage.

Art Detectives
Calling Art Detectives!

Look for the Order of the Dragon symbol hidden on page 7 of the Raucous Royals.
To find more art clues, check out the art dectives section.
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