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Featured Rumors....which are true?

Queen Elizabeth I, England
Elizabeth I: A big flirt
Rumor : Did the "Virgin Queen" have any love interests?

Elizabeth is known as the Virgin Queen because she chose not to marry. But don’t think she never got any offers. She was beautiful. She was witty. She could flirt in eight languages (Greek, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Flemish, Welsh, and, of course, English). This sassy, vibrant redhead was a real heartbreaker and she had her share of palace romps.

Scorned Bachelor #1: Philip of Spain
Elizabeth Loves: Philip II of SpainOne of Elizabeth's first marriage proposals came from the grumpy-pants, king of Spain, Philip II. Philip had been married to Elizabeth's older half sister, Bloody Mary. Philip was not exactly the life of the party. He spent most of his time dressed in black, brooding about the Protestants. He spent very little time with Mary. But Mary did satisfy Philip in one way. She had ordered thousands of Protestants burnt to a crisp thereby earning the name "bloddy mary". This made Philip positively giddy.

After Mary's death, Elizabeth was crowned queen and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone except Philip. Philip thought he should remain king of England, so he proposed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth said no thanks and told Philip that is was just too weird to marry your dead sister's husband. True, it would have been weird, but that was not the real reason. After Mary's craziness, Elizabeth and the rest of her kingdom didn't want a Spanish Catholic ruler in England.

Elizabeth's loves: Eric XIVScorned Bachelor #2: King Eric XIV of Sweden
Eric XIV always thought people were laughing at him behind his back. They probably were. He wooed Elizabeth by writing her love letters in Latin and challenging her master of the horse, Robert Dudley (see below), to duels. After many years of not giving an answer (Elizabeth always kept her suitors waiting), Elizabeth declined his marriage proposal.

Eric later went insane and started executing people for the crime of "annoying the king". Eventually, his subjects grew tired of him and fed the crazy king some pea soup with a dash of posion.

Elizabeth's loves: Philip IIScorned Bachelor #3: The Duke of Anjou
Elizabeth lovingly called Francois, Duke of Anjou, her “frog.” Elizabeth first said no to his proposal. Then she said maybe. Then she said yes. Then she said no again. Elizabeth always had a hard time making up her mind, but this decision was especially tough. She couldn’t marry a French Catholic without causing a serious ruckus. Sadly, she had to send her little amphibian hopping back to France.

Scorned Bachelor #4 Robert Dudley

Elizabeth's loves: Robert DudleyRobert Dudley nicknamed “Robin” was Elizabeth’s greatest love. Not only could he match Elizabeth’s sharp wit, but he also was a royal catch—tall, dark, and handsome. He could charm the flies off Elizabeth’s horse. But we can't give away all the sordid details of their affair. You will have to Read the full story to find out more >>


Elizabeth I: A real heartbreaker

Elizabeth the Heartbreaker

Elizabeth told the Ambassador of the Duke of Wurtemberg, “I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.”

Ivan the Terrible
Her Russian Suitor

With a name like Ivan the Terrible you would think he wouldn't have much of a shot with the fair queen of England. Still, Ivan pursued Elizabeth's hand in marriage and sent her rich fabrics and expensive furs. At the time of the marriage proposal, Ivan was already on his second wife and STILL MARRIED.

ELizabeth kept the gifts, but refused the marriage proposal.
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