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Featured Rumors....which are true?

George III, King of england
George III
Rumor : After losing the American colonies, George III went insane.
Being the king is definitely a high-stress job, but ruling during the American Revolution couldn’t have been easy. England had massive debts due to the French and Indian War. To pay these debts, England placed a tax on the tea shipped to the American colonies. America responded to the tax by dumping George’s tea in the water (George really liked his tea). George wasn’t getting any respect. Americans even melted his statue. And just when things couldn’t possible get more wretched, George’s doctors fed him poison! The debts, the tea, the statue, the poison . . . it was all a bit much. But was it enough to drive George crazy? Read the book to find out just how wacky George really got >>


King George's Statue

The Raucous Revolutionaries

American revolutionaries melted down the statue of King George III to make…
  1. Cups to give George’s troops some tea.
  2. Bullets to fire at King George’s troops.
  3. New teeth for George Washington.
Find the answer when you read The Raucous Royals
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