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Richard III
Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Mary Queen of Scots
Elizabeth I
Louis XIV
Peter the Great
Marie Antoinette
Napoleon Bonaparte
Catherine the Great
George III
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleonora di Toledo

Learning Links

A collection of Primary Sources for Tudor England

Vlad Dracula article on the connection between the real and fictitious Dracula
Interesting interview with Dracula expert, Elizabeth Miller

Richard III
The Richard III Society
Information on Richard III's physique and whether he was a hunchback

Henry VIII
Information on Henry VIII's court and the highly recommended book by Alison Weir
Who's Who of Henry VIII's wives's telling of Henry VIII and his wives and the printable version
Portraits of Henry VIII's wives
Fun interactive quiz on Henry VIII and his court
Henry VIII and his character

Anne Boleyn
A page dedicated to Anne on
Nell Gavin's site has tons of interesting information on Anne
An interesting article on Anne Boleyn's connection to witchcraft
The letter that Anne wrote to Henry pleading for her life

Anne of Cleves
Detailed biography on Anne
Miscellaneous facts of Henry's 4th wife
Holbein's famous painting

Mary Queen of Scots
Detailed biography with references to her loves
The Babington Plot
Translated letters of Mary to Babington - full biography of Mary Queen of Scots
National Archives's listing of Mary's cipher
Ciphers and how they work
Portraits of Mary
The last letter of Mary to Elizabeth
Mary's death warrant
The National Portrait Gallery's past exhibit on Mary's portraits
The death mask of Mary

Elizabeth I
A very detailed site full of information on Elizabeth I
A history of Elizabeth's love life by Katherine E. Culbertson
Elizabeth's suitor, The Duke of Anjou
Investigation into one of the many plots to kill Elizabeth
National Archive's portraits of Elizabeth
Elizabeth’s Pirates
Elizabeth I: The Most Elusive Bride in History

Louis XIV
A site dedicated to Louis XIV
A page on Louis at
Inside the court of Louis XIV
Louis certainly loved food. Info on this eating habits
A brief history of Louis XIV

Peter the Great
History House reports on some of Peter's antics
Peter's odd family values
Peter's biography from the baldwin project

Marie Antoinette
A complete history of the French Revolution
The PBS minisite on Marie Antoinette

Napoleon Bonaparte
More detailed information on Napoleon's famous pose by Tom Holmberg
Most recent investigation into Napoleon's death
Information on James Gillray's caricatures of Napoleon

Catherine the Great
History House touches on Catherine's strained relationship with Peter and her ascent to the thrown
More ridiculous myths about Catherine's death debunked
Short biography on Catherine

George III
Research into George's madness
A site dedicated to George III
How George III was portrayed in caricatures
The letter that George III's prime minister, Lord North wrote to Jefferson concerning the Declaration of Independence
How doctors poisoned George
The age of George III

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites
A great list of Tudor books
List of Royalty Books on royal rulers throughout history
A history of the most insane rulers

Costume Sites
The History of Costume
Elizabethan Costumes
Costumes from different eras
The Tudor Tailor

Hygiene, Health And Beauty
This page outlines beauty routines in the 17th century
Health in the 17th century
A history of hair styles
An interesting article by Joyce Berry on hygiene, health and cosmetics of the past
A history of Hygiene
The smell of Middle Ages

Mary Queen of Scots as a young girl

Rivals and Pen Pals

Elizabeth and Mary wrote to each other many times, but never met face-to-face. Their opinions of each other were based mainly on gossip from others. The above painting depicts Mary as a young girl. Take a look closer at some of the portraits and art surrounding Mary>>

Mary's death warrant

The cat fight that ended on the scaffold.

In 1587, Elizabeth signed Mary's death warrant (above) convicting her of treason. Mary was beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle on February 8, 1587. Mary knew that her execution would shock the rest of the world. At her trial she said, “Remember that the theatre of the world is wider than the realm of England.” Elizabeth did not need the warning. She was very aware that Mary's execution would cause the world to choose sides. Ironically, it still does today. Read more about Mary and her rivalry with Elizabeth>>

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