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Featured Rumors....which are true?

king henry viii, England
Henry VIII, very fat Rumor : Henry VIII was so fat that he has to be carried by his servants.
When most people think of King Henry VIII, they picture a fat old man who looks like he has a few acorns, and maybe a whole squirrel, stuffed in his mouth. But when Henry was a young man, he made all the ladies blush. Good old Hank had the Tudor supermodel body—tall and brawny.

Later in life, Henry sent the ladies running. Henry had a leg wound that oozed pus and prevented him from getting much exercise. He became so fat that his servants had to carry him in an enclosed chair supported by poles on the front and back.

Henry also had swollen gums, loose teeth, and horrible breath! Doctors today believe Henry’s swollen face was caused by a disease called scurvy. People got scurvy when they didn’t have enough vitamin C in their diet. In Henry’s court, people mostly ate eels, whales, porpoises, boars, snails, peacocks, and swans. If it moved, they ate it. They didn’t eat as many vitamin-rich fruits or vegetables, which might explain why Henry got so fat.

Henry’s weight was estimated at more than 300 lbs! So how did they carry this hefty king around? (Hint: what they used is not seen in the picture above) To find the answer read The Raucous Royals>>


Henry VIII in his younger days

Henry VIII
The Tudor Supermodel

Henry was a good looking guy in his younger days.

Big Fat Henry VIII

A new trend is born:
Fat Clothes

Too hide his expanding girth, Henry began wearing padded clothes with puffy sleeves. Out of respect for the king, everyone at court started wearing padded clothing too, and a new trend was born—fat clothes!
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