The Art of the Photogravure Test Your Royal Wits: Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce which Royal Rumurs are True
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The Raucous Royals
Vlad Dracula
Richard III
Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Mary Queen of Scots
Elizabeth I
Louis XIV
Peter the Great
Marie Antoinette
Napoleon Bonaparte
Catherine the Great
George III

Raucous Royals: Press Releases

The Raucous Royals is winner of the International Reading Association Intermediate–Nonfiction Award. More here>>


Official Press Release: Download Printable Version (pdf)

  • Did Anne Boleyn really have six fingers?
  • Was Napolean really that short?
  • Was Prince Vlad Dracula a real vampire?

For many of us, these questions represent long-believed rumors that have pervaded history and seem now indistinguishable from fact. But how much of what we believe to be true is just a rumor in disguise? Carlyn Beccia explores this theme in Raucous Royals: Test Your Royal Wits: Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce which Royal Rumors are True (September 2008; Houghton Mifflin) a witty, wonderful, and at times wacky look at the role of rumor in royal history. Read the Full Press Release>>

Download Top Ten rumors in History (pdf)>>
Making History Fun (and Making Fun of History)
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Napoleon's Stomach Cramps
Napoleon's Cramps

Why did Napoleon always pose with his hand in his coat? Find out when you read The Raucous Royals >>
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